Monday, September 1, 2008

Finished Glass on Glass Window

This window has been finished for some time, and been given to the happy couple. They love it and it's hanging in their yard.
I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, although it was tough to get a good picture of it because of iridescent glass used for the humming birds.
I also attached a engraved plate with the name of the window, and for the date of the wedding, like they would forget their wedding date.
The finished window, a close up, and the engraved plate.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Day two Humming Bird Window

I was able to get quite a bit done on the window today. I've got all the design elements glued in place.

I decided to able a few butterflies to the window, I didn't want a lot of the morning glory vine in the design, and just put in what was needed, i could of went crazy with leaves and vine. I felt to much vine would draw focus away from the flowers and humming bird. I created tiny little glass gems in my kiln for the butterflies, I'm very pleased with how they look on the butterflies.

This last picture is the whole window, next step is filling in the back ground with textured clear glass. Not going to be able to get to it till later this week, I'm taking a fusing class, out of town, and have my own classes to teach the rest of the week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Humming Bird Window

I've started a new project. It's a old window frame that I'm going to add a glass on glass design to. This window is going to have different coloured morning glories, and humming birds, with leaves and vines.
This window frame was in pretty good shape, it was bright red, and just needed a bit of putty.
I've taken a old window frame, stripped it and added a stain to frame.
I decided to put a dark mahogany stain on it, and then going to seal the wood.

I've started placing my pattern pieces on the window, not sure if this is the position they will stay in, I'm a long way from being done. I've also added little morning glory buds, and the top of these buds, I've created little glass beads in my kiln to add a whimsical look to the buds.

One of the humming birds placed on the window, you can't see it but the green for the humming bird is iredescent green water glass...will look really cool.

I've been working away on the window today and just about finished with the main elements of the design. A overview of todays progress.There is still lots more to do on the window, It's coming together nicely.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heritage Day Craftshow in Ancaster

Saturday June 14, we where in Ancaster for their Heritage Day Craft show. This event was held outdoors, I don't do many outdoor craftshows so I just used our umbrella from the patio, I was afraid I'd look weird amongst all the nice tents, LOL but their where others with the same set up, so didn't feel out of place.
So here i am with my small table under the umberlla.
It did rain when we set up, then it cleared up and the rest of the day was good.
There where lots of people out for the festivities, and sales where not to bad.
Met some other vendors from around the area, and had really good talks with them. Found out about another craftshow in the area, but unfortunately I'll be away for that one. It sound like it would be a good one.
Some close ups of the table.

A couple of pictures of each side of the table.
It was a real enjoyable day, met some new friends and caught up with other vendors I know from previous craftshows.

Craftshows are done now till the fall, so I'll begathering ideas and working on getting ready for them. It's hard to think about getting ready for Christmas when it's June.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Cobble Stone Path

Another view of the path way to where it will eventually taper out. That umbrella looking thing, is the bottom of one of those bamboo chairs, we rescued it from the road side. It's mounted on a cedar post. I'll have morning glories growing up and over it. Just have to transplant them. There's our Sadie, keeping us safe from squirrels.

Cobble stone Path

This is the start of the cobblestone path we are putting in, it will curve around the new flower beds.
We are just doing bits of it every weekend, till it's done.
I've got to get in there and add dirt to this area.
I'll be dividing up some of my hostas, to go in this area.

Imitation rock wall in front of the fence, it really changes the look of the back area, nicely.
With the rock wall in place, we decided we needed to add a bit more to this area.
We've decided to put in a cobblestone path way. We had a mold we purchased at LeeValley, our patio area is done in this design, and thought it would blend well in this back area leading up to another garden bed that is on the right side of the yard